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We are working on a printed collection of poems that have appeared on the seasonal haiku blogs since the spring 2006 to present.

In the future we also have plans to expand the site to include more events and activities related to Japanese forms of poetry.


The Japan Tanka Poetry Society and its Nihon Kajin Club awarded a Certificate of Merit from the great Jane Reichhold to Spiros Zafiris for his tanka entry. The  contest was judged by Jane Reichhold (U.S.A.), Beverly George (Australia), Yasuhiro Kawamura (Japan) and Aya Yuhki(Japan).there  were 589 entries, Below is the tanka which earned Spiros the Certificate and comment by Jane Reichhold: 

this trailer park,
with its throng of misfitting wrecks, 
my mind-- 
will it lilac-free itself 
will it daisy-poeticize 
COMMENT by Jane Reichhold  which appeared i the booklet:

I picked this poem as my favorite. No, not because it did not follow  the usual tanka examples but because it shows the author knows how  to write tanka and opted to try something very new. Instead of  following old poetical precepts the author brings language-based 
poetics to tanka with the creation of words like "lilac-free" and  "daisy-poeticize." To me, this was very new and I was exited by the 
idea of traditional tanka meeting experimentation and inspiration from this century. I felt the author knew and understood the elegance and tradition of tanka and was willing to place this cross-culture attempt, with a pleasant touch of humor, in among the "misfitting 
wrecks of a trailer park" 


lawrence and gibson publishing collective: Cover teaser for $30 Meat Pack/Haiku News News

lawrence and gibson publishing collective: Cover teaser for $30 Meat Pack/Haiku News News
Laurence and Dick, let me know when you need one of mine.
Jack Galmitz


Tatjana Debeljacki

Literature - - R.K Singh's Mind and Art: A Simphony of Expressions


New Indian English Poetry : An Alternative Voice : R.K. Singh/edited by I.K. Sharma Edited by I.K. Sharma Vedams Books 8181520858

New Indian English Poetry : An Alternative Voice : R.K. Singh/edited by I.K. Sharma Edited by I.K. Sharma Vedams Books 8181520858


WHA will co-hold the 2nd Tokyo Poetrty Festival & the 6th World Haiku Association Conference 2011, 9-11 September in Tokyo.
This double festival website:

After it, we will begin to edit “World Haiku 2012: No. 8”.

Ban'ya Natsuishi
3-16-11 Tsuruse-nishi, Fujimi
Saitama, Japan 354-0026
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World Haiku Association
Meiji University
Tokyo Poetry Festival

Notes from the Gean
Exciting new look new design revamped Notes from the Gean coming soon.

New editors including the world famous Michael McClintock stepping in as new tanka editor.
I believe he has enough for the September issue, but please send in for the December issue for consideration before it fills up.

Also check out all the new editors who have joined us!

Submissions have been extended to September 14th for haiku; haiga; and haibun, and it's worth seeing if your tanka can be accepted for September, or at least December! ;-)

Notes from the Gean:


Check out the new haiku app for iPhones/iPads/iPod touch developed for The Haiku Foundation.
Eight of my haiku are featured there, along with 365 haiku in total.  The app is free.

Details and a link are at my blog:

Alan, With Words


Poets and Writers Picnic: Cartys Poetry Journal: call for submissions, book...: "Poets seeking to have their books reviewed in the Cartys Poetry Journa l are invited to submit a copy to us at the address below. In keepi..." 

Tatjana Debeljacki

7th International writers festival-India will be held at Wardha (Maharastra) India on 26 & 27 November, 2011 with a special focus on Diaspora Literature. World peace and the role of Mahatma Gandhi. A special session would be devoted to Roma literature and language.
See details at
We can send you an invitation letter as and when the same is required by you.

Director IICCA, Chandigarth - India
Editor: Kafka Inter-continental
Tel +91-98728-23437 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +91-98728-23437      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +91-98728-23437 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +91-98728-23437      end_of_the_skype_highlighting      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Tatjana Debeljacki


You are invited to submit a poem for the  International Poetry Competition “SEEKINGFOR A POEM”, organized by the  Association’ La Stanza del Poeta’ from Formia/Gaeta (Italy) and DIOGEN pro culture magazine from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Please read ‘How to Guide’ below.

(1) Submit one poem of your choice and your short Biography, including your photo ((color and/or black-white, 300 dpi, format 1200 x 800 pixels) by 30/10/2011. Submission should be sent to . The results will be published by 31/1/2012. Please note that you are required to provide a valid email address. All communications with you will be exclusively in writing and via email. It is important that you keep your email address valid and active during the selection process so that we can communicate with you. 

(2) Your poem will be evaluated by our judges: poets Giuseppe Napolitano from Italy and Sabahudin Hadžialić from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Having read and assessed your poem, the judges will make a decision to either publish it or decline publication. 

(3) The poems selected for publication will be uploaded on the competition website and the top three poems will be announced. All contestants are invited to visit the website and review the results. 

(4) The top three poems  will be also announced on web site of the Association’ La Stanza del Poeta ‘ and DIOGEN pro culture magazine  and published in the annual DIOGEN pro culture magazine No. 2. edition in February 2012.

The winners will be offered the opportunity to be the judges for the next year’s competition.

Each winner will be presented with the opportunity to publish 20 poems of their choice in the second edition of DIOGEN pro culture magazine.

We would like to thank you in advance for your devotion to the development of creative writing endeavors

 Additional Contest Information

Who is Eligible?

Poets of all ages are eligible and all styles of poetry are acceptable.

How and When to Submit?

We ask that you submit your writings by November 30, 2011. Submissions are accepted via email to 

Submission Requirements

Poems must be original works. 

Poems should be submitted in English, or the English translation should accompany the original
The poet's full name and email address must be provided. 
The poet must be able to be notified via email if their poem has been selected for publication.


The  judges  will be looking for originality, rhythm, rhymes, and audience appeal.

The  judges  will be looking for poet’s passion about the subject topic of the poem or a novel approach to every day topics.

Tatjana Debeljački


An open invitation to join our virtual walk and enjoy the Sendai Festival in Japan too!

Cities of Green Leaves Ginko-no-Kukai


Purely Haiku Residential Course:


U.K. mini-memoir course useful to writers of haiku and haibun
Want to write memoirs of your earlier life?   Don't know where to start? 

There are still places available on our Mini-Memoir residential course, run by workshop leader Karen Hoy and assisted by Alan Summers, at the wonderful Claridge House, running from Monday 17th January (a week this Monday) to the Friday morning. 

We first used the Mini-Memoir exercises in a workshop setting to generate ideas for haibun, so haibunistas will be at home here.
n.b. haibun is economic prose with one or more haiku.
Check Alan's Area 17 blog for details:


Blogging Along Tobacco Road: Pravat Kumar Padhy - Three Questions: "Pravat Kumar Padhy, is a Petroleum Geologist, ONGC, in India. He received his Masters in Science and Ph.D in Applied Geology from Indian S..."


The With Words International
Online Haiku Competition 2010

We are now open for competition entries:
Deadline: (all timezones) of Sunday 21st November 2010.


by R.K. Singh (ISBN 978-81-910588-2-6) 
Available to Indian readers from: Yking Books, 18, Jain Bhawan, Opp. N.B.C., Shanti Nagar, Jaipur 302006, India. 
To contact the publisher via email

The Dartmoor Summer Haiku Almanac workshop and walk with Karen and Alan Summers:

The Dartmoor Summer Haiku Almanac workshop and walk with Karen and Alan Summers





Wednesday 12th May 7-10 p.m.
Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution
16-18 Queen Square, Bath, BA1 2HN

Live words, event tasters and Japanese cultural experiences, in celebration of the Bath Japanese Festival.  Includes Japanese-form and Japanese-inspired spoken words, anime/manga art, origami, haiga art, and Japanese tattoos.

And while you’re there, check out all the other fun stuff happening at the Bath Japanese Festival launch party including haiku readings and tattoo poetry,

Hosted by Nikki Bennett the night includes renga and haiku readings from Alan and Karen Summers; Masuda Aika (haiga artist) with Masuda Junko (haiku poet) Akita, Northern Honshu, Japan.


Carrie Etter will read haiku and senryu from her collection in progress since 1987: 'The Broken Kite'.
Carrie's blog:

Numerous other events throughout festival plus renga workshops with Writing Events Bath; and Bath Central Library; and Japanese bookmaking with Guy Begbie.

Free Renga Session at Bath Central Library
Saturday 22nd May 3-5pm
Bath Central Library
19-23 The Podium
Bath BA1 5AN

Renga Workshop
Renga: splicing spontaneity into your writing with Alan Summers
Mr B’ s Emporium of Reading Delights, 14-15 John Street, Bath
Thursday 20th May 6.30 - 8.30 p.m.
£24 with wine. 
Bookings only with Writing Events Bath: mb. 07811501978

all my best,

Literature Director, Bath Japanese Festival



, a journal of women's tanka
, ed. by Pamela A. Babusci

The first issue of a journal entirely dedicated to women tanka poets, reviewed by Beatrice van de Vis  
15th December 09
Nancy Bea Miller (Genre Cookshop) just started a weekly haiku meme with her brother Bruce Miller (Kitehorse.) Please join in the fun if you are interested. The site is bare bones as yet but up and running:
New prompts each Sunday.
20th November
Mandy Smith, an esteemend contributor to the seasonal blogs,  passed away quietly a few days ago.
Before entering a hospice, she emailed many of her contacts and asked to say that she did not want anyone to mourn for her but expressed her thanks to those who have made contact with her over recent years; Mandy's intention was to delete her blog but, urged not to do so,  asked a friend to take it over and keep the contents online
Our thanks and appreciatiation to Mandy for her contribution, and blessings and prayers for her.               

The 1000 Verse Renga Project:

We are 800 verses but would love to have additional verses coming in as we near the end of the project!
Pamela A. Babusci
Cathy Drinkwater Better
Published by Black Cat Press
Submissions deadline for the Premier Issue, Fall/Winter 2009–10, 1stNovember
For details see:

Lincolnshire: Friday 23rd October 2009
Check out my Area 17 blog for details about this fantastic haiku writing walk opportunity in Lincolnshire (U.K.)! Area 17:

SURPRISE VISIT TO THE U.K. Saturday 5th September
Poetry Library (Royal Festival Hall) 10.15a.m.
Roberta Beary is visiting London and With Words (Alan Summers) is promoting and organising a reading and launch of Roberta's new chapbook "nothing left to say" edited by Michael Dylan Welch. Details at:
Roberta's website:


Chichester: Thursday 13th August 2009
Screening of "Handwritten" a video animation by Jenny Lewis at the Chichester Arts Festival "I Am Joy", between 5pm and 8pm. The inspiration for Jenny Lewis' work is the poem of the same title, by Beatrice van de Vis. To watch Jenny Lewis' video and listen to the reading visit

July 2009

"A Thousand Reasons" The first collection of tanka by internationally award-winning poet and acclaimed artist Pamela A. Babusci is now available from the author. Read what the reviews say on Simply Haiku by Randy Brooks and:
Blogging Along Tobacco Road


London 27th July 2009, 2-3PM

Watch Alan Summers on the Fourth Plinth, reading Words:

Alan Summers' interview with the BBC: